Didn’t call the company first before towing and repairing the vehicle, must have been in the fine print. I repaired the car with my own money with a registered repair facility, sent in receipts, called for reimbursement, DENIED!

Called to get clarity, got the most un-empathic customer service imaginable. Just sounded like they didn’t give a sh*t.

To be honest, as a consumer, we all can’t read the fine print for everything in our lives, but come on, this could have been fixed quite easily. Still can’t get over the terrible customer service, that bugged me the most, more than the reimbursement.

Review about: Interstate National Dealer Services Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $532.

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Interstate National Dealer Services Verified Representative

Thank you for your feedback. Interstate has been an industry leader for 37 years, and constantly strives to provide a high quality customer experience. Please give us the opportunity to discuss your concerns further by visiting http://www.interstatenational.com/pissedconsumer/ and providing your contact information, and our Member Services manager will call you directly.


Same here but called them to dealership. Denying my claim transmission so no idea how much...thank you.

Los Angeles, California, United States #818171

Would you have your house fixed if it suffered a loss without calling your insurance company? How about your car if it was involved in an accident?

Don't play the "I didn't read the fine print" card. We all know that if you want someone else to pay, you kind of have to inform them so that they can do their job to see if they have liability. Now, they can't just blanket deny your claim. Insurance adjudication law states that they can only deny your coverage if their inability to be involved in the original repair prejudiced the situation.

So, if they were unable to verify any part of the failure such as the cause of failure, they have a right to deny coverage. Please read your exclusions section and Guide to filing a claim.

to Insider #1105194

I don't think it mattered if he called them or not the place as a straight up rip off for *** artist. I don't know how now they got my address or anything but I just called them to ask them to stop sending me the *** *** mailer. And finally had to hang up

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