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This company sends a "VEHICLE ALERT NOTICE" in the mail, urging recent car buyers to call the number provided within 5 business days.

They try to get you to make a payment over the phone before even saying their company's name. This is a third party extended coverage company with some of the worst reviews in the industry. They will do everything they can to force you to make a payment over the phone so you are locked in. They will not let you end the call to reconnect at a later time or pay online. After I hung up, I received 16 calls from the sales rep "Alex" until his shift conveniently ended at 7pm.

Be warned.

Red flags everywhere.

"Interstate National Dealer Services" is the name they gave me, it might not even be the right company name. The number on the mail notice is "855-494-4414." The number of the sales rep, Alex, is "855-494-4424."

Review about: Interstate National Dealer Services Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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I got one in CT-- red flag when they warn you you better contact them but don't identify themselves. I use a dealership and have insurance so I had no reason to believe their threatening scam, but they should be stopped-- not sure who to report them to in order to stop them.


They sent me a couple. I'm in Alabama. Never responded because I know when the warranty ends on my car and the card didn't even have a company name printed on it.


Just got similar-looking notice in Connecticut saying "This is our FINAL attempt to contact you..." so I was a bit worried but figured it was probably a scam since there's no mention of who sent the "notice" and what their "offer" is that's about to expire. (The number to contact is 888-395-8636.) What losers, trying to scam people during Advent.


They didn't even leave a return address, so that right there had me suspicious. Good thing I checked here! Thank you.


Louisiana. I see the company name on the letter is "Key Vehicle Resources". They tell me to call 1-866-386-0133.

At first I was nervous because I'm new here and I just bought my used car for a month.


I just got one of those too!!looks just like the one you got!

I'm so glad you posted it cause I just bought my car like 6 months ago and it had me a bit alarmed.. but now that I know it's a scam..

I can breathe again!lol Thank you!!


Recieved a notice for a 2014 Subaru Outback. As I do not, nor have I ever, owned a Subaru of any kind, I can only assume scam.


Got a notice from them today and it is laughable due to the fact the vehicle mentioned was a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze. Considering I never owned any kind of Chevrolet it was an easy scam to spot.


1-888-395-8636 SCAM.If you live in Illinois this is a scam number AND scam mail.

Unfortunately, I thought it was a real business. It has the hours and professional look to it. When I called they were super persistent that I had to have this warranty. When I told them I couldn't afford it they deducted a fair amount of money from the original payment plan.

After some suspicion from talking to my family about it, I called them back to cancel. I was on the phone for an hour arguing that I wanted my warranty canceled. When I told the lady I want my warranty canceled she had "phone issues" and couldn't hear me. After five minutes she suddenly could hear me.

The lady simply rambled on about how precious their warranty is and the benefits. Completely ignoring what I wanted. Then she offered to deduct more money from the original payment plan.

Red flags everywhere.I had to change my card number.

Interstate National Dealer Services Verified Representative

We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience and the unwanted solicitations you are receiving.We have started to receive a large volume of complaints similar to yours regarding unwanted mail and telephone calls, and want to assure you that we are here to help you.

Interstate National Dealer Services has been an industry leader for 37 years. We are an administrator and provider of service contracts, and assure you that these mailing/calls are not from Interstate. Again, we are sorry to hear about these frustrating solicitations.

Since they misrepresented to you that they were from Interstate, we will need your help to investigate this further.

Any additional information that you are able to provide will help us understand who is doing this, and will be shared with our legal counsel. Please visit http://www.interstatenational.com/pissedconsumer/ to contact us directly.

We have also been informed that our complaints need to be shared with the Vehicle Protection Association. They too want to know about these unwanted solicitations and RoboDialers. To file a complaint, please visit www.vpanet.org.

Thank you for your feedback.We appreciate when customers bring this to our attention.

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