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This company sends a "VEHICLE ALERT NOTICE" in the mail, urging recent car buyers to call the number provided within 5 business days.

They try to get you to make a payment over the phone before even saying their company's name. This is a third party extended coverage company with some of the worst reviews in the industry. They will do everything they can to force you to make a payment over the phone so you are locked in. They will not let you end the call to reconnect at a later time or pay online. After I hung up, I received 16 calls from the sales rep "Alex" until his shift conveniently ended at 7pm.

Be warned.

Red flags everywhere.

"Interstate National Dealer Services" is the name they gave me, it might not even be the right company name. The number on the mail notice is "855-494-4414." The number of the sales rep, Alex, is "855-494-4424."

Product or Service Mentioned: Interstate National Dealer Services Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Live in Pennsylvania. Just got one of these cards today.

Such nonsense to treat people *** while trying to sell worthless products. Shame people fall for it.


I’m PA resident and I got that notice card from mail last week. It’s didn’t show the company’s name, but I noticed on on right-handed corner posted-stamped....its showed that its come from Dallas, TX.

I never seen one before, but this is first time for me. I got eerie feeling about this card so I decided to check it out on Internet. I found this link and that’s what explained this. I never heard of “Interstate National Dealer Services “ and they want my money for “no reason” !?!

What a scam!

I thank this person who discovered their scams. Thank you.


Mi comentario es que ustedes, me mandaron una alerta notice de mi auto, la primera vez le dije que no podía. Porque no la facilitación para poder pagar lo que me pides. Gracias por su atención prestada.


Thank you to all you commenters. My wife panicked when we got this postcard in the mail because we still have years to go on our warranty.

I called the number on the postcard and became suspicious when they wouldn't explain why their product trumped the warranty I already had. Once I said I was happy with my current warranty coverage, the hard sell began. This convinced me that all was not kosher. While the salesperson was running down objections from his script, I googled the phone number and got this site.

Thank you for saving me from a scam artist!

Unfortunately there are a lot of them out there, and they are getting more and more sophisticated. The denials on this thread from "InterstateNational" would be laughable if this wasn't so serious.

Interstate National Dealer Services Verified Representative

We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience and the unwanted solicitations you are receiving. We receive complaints similar to yours regarding unwanted mail and telephone calls, and we are here to help you.

Interstate National Dealer Services has been an industry leader for 40 years. We are an administrator and provider of service contracts, and assure you that these mailing/calls are not from Interstate. Again, we are sorry to hear about these frustrating solicitations. Since they misrepresented to you that they were from Interstate, we will need your help to investigate this further.

Any additional information that you are able to provide will help us understand who is doing this, and will be shared with our legal counsel. Please visit http://www.interstatenational.com/pissedconsumer/ to contact us directly. We have also been informed that our complaints need to be shared with the Vehicle Protection Association. They too want to know about these unwanted solicitations and RoboDialers.

To file a complaint, please visit www.vpanet.org.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate when customers bring this to our attention.


I agree they are bullies. I declined their "offers" programs.

A lot of red flags! Beware!


i am in utah and received this today


Just got a call from this outfit, real amateur night from the get-go, something to do with an automobile warranty (or something).


Got one in Indiana. Has the classic look of a shady company.


I don't know why these clowns keep bothering me. First, they called almost every other day for a year on my home phone, and I told them I don't have a vehicle worth putting a warranty on, (1996 Chevy Blazer, high mileage, 2'nd owner vehicle) and no matter what I said, they kept right on calling my home phone.

I plainly told them to STOP calling me or I was going to take them to court as I am on the do not call registry on all my cell and landline phones. They then started sending letters about a warranty they wanted me to take, I plainly told them to begin with to leave me the *** alone, that went in one of their ears and out the other. I have never purchased a dang warranty of any kind for that old of vehicle and won't, it seldom gets drove it has so many problems and a 1996 is not worth fixing with 200,000 miles. They are the most annoying people that I have ever came across.

I got 2 letters, one yesterday and one today, how do you stop these idiots from sending warranty letters to people?

I am SICK of it. I don't even have the Blazer in my name, it's in my husbands but letters sent to me as was the calls.


Maryland here, gotten 2 identical notices from them. No address whatsoever on the postcard.


I just received one, very similar on the front as this one. The fine print lists the company name as Eleras Automotive Group.

The top of the back of my card has "This is your final notice" in large, red letters. This is the only one I've gotten.

Is this kind of scummy practice legal? It seems like a scare tactic.


Called them today. They refused to send me the terms, before I purchase.

Kept saying the offer expired at the end of the call. They claimed to be the coverage company for ford. They were aggressive and pushy to get u to pay money, and all they kept claiming was to offer me extended new car coverage.

I hung up on that fool, because of the mere fact you demanding I send you money without allowing me to read any terms. Glad I did, Input the number on google and saw all the reviews.


Received this today. My concern is they have my information.

to Anonymous #1447326

What information did they have? From the postcard, it seems they have my vehicle make, model, and year, along with my name and address. I'm fairly certain that is public information.


I got one in CT-- red flag when they warn you you better contact them but don't identify themselves. I use a dealership and have insurance so I had no reason to believe their threatening scam, but they should be stopped-- not sure who to report them to in order to stop them.


They sent me a couple. I'm in Alabama. Never responded because I know when the warranty ends on my car and the card didn't even have a company name printed on it.


Just got similar-looking notice in Connecticut saying "This is our FINAL attempt to contact you..." so I was a bit worried but figured it was probably a scam since there's no mention of who sent the "notice" and what their "offer" is that's about to expire. (The number to contact is 888-395-8636.) What losers, trying to scam people during Advent.


They didn't even leave a return address, so that right there had me suspicious. Good thing I checked here! Thank you.


Louisiana. I see the company name on the letter is "Key Vehicle Resources". They tell me to call 1-866-386-0133.

At first I was nervous because I'm new here and I just bought my used car for a month.

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